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Our Story

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Ours is the story of a father and a daughter's dream and passion to produce great wines and of a great friendship supporting us in achieving that goal.


Ezio felt the urgency to reconnect to his family history: the Cocito family had to stop producing wine due to the Second World War but Ezio remembers clearly the summers spent at the great grandpa winery,  built in the 1800s. One of Ezio’s dearest memories is when his father, Ercole, organized the re-enactment of the traditional way of producing wine by pressing it barefoot. Ezio was about 5 years old but he still remembers the joy of that moment as if it was yesterday.


In 1996 Ezio replanted Nebbiolo in our family vineyard, Baluchin, located in Bric Micca, in Neive. Baluchin vineyard has one of the best exposure in Neive, an exposure that enables the Nebbiolo vines to express themself at their best.

Baluchin is a special vineyard: not only for its geological characteristics, but also for the history and emotional value connected to it. Baluchin was the land where Ezio's father, Ercole, spent his last years doing what he loved the most: taking care of his land, admiring Neive from one of the most breath-taking spots and playing Saxophone and Clarinet in harmony with nature.

Thanks to the great friendship and common passions between La Spinetta’s and Contratto's Giorgio Rivetti and Ezio, in 2000 the first Barbaresco Baluchin made its appearance with one of the most futuristic labels for that time. The friendship with Giorgio and his family, goes to the extent that Andrea, Giorgio's son and brilliant winemaker of La Spinetta and Contratto, supports us in producing our wines in their facilities.

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Since 2010, Federica, Ezio's daughter, made her apperance in the vineyards, helping Ezio at the early age of 11 years old. Waking up early in the morning and working hard in one of the most steep wineyards of Neive wasn't necesessarely what Federica could think of as a fun summer, however with time, that became a precious bonding moment with her father and a moment of reconnection with nature that became essential.

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