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Organic Wines

Our Labels

All our labels are manually designed by Ezio.​ From the first version of our Baluchin 2000 to the newest addition to the family, the Ben Turnò, all the labels are hand made by Ezio. This process is very symbolic of the passion we put into our wines: we start loving our wines from the vineyard, we cuddle them in the cellar and finally we express our vision of quality and precision in out labels.

old and new bar labels.jpg

The Baluchin Label

The original Baluchin label depicts an abstract drawing hand made by Ezio. The drawing shows the Baluchin vineyard through the fog, symbolizing the hard work and dedication needed to care for such a complex vineyard with sloped up until 55%. Through the fog it is possible to see a star shining, the Baluchin star.


In the local dialect of Bric Micca, Baluchin means 'star’, the same stars that can be seen from the vineyard and in the Cocito logo, portrayed in our new label.


"That's what we hope to share with you, while enjoying our wine: a little piece of those starts"

Our Baluchin labels express themselves to the fullest if moved in the light to see all the stars shining, try it to share the same emotions we put into it!

papà che disegna al tecnigrafo.jpg
mix etichette bianco.jpg

The Ben Turnò Label

Ben Turnò is the latest addition to our small family. Here we wanted to bring together the two great loves of Ezio's and Giorgio's life: great wines and horses. On the label you can see a horse galloping through the vineyards of Neive, the same Arneis vineyard that gives life to this beautiful wine.

Ben Turnò means 'Welcome back' and it is the Piemontese expression that celebrates the happiness of welcoming back a loved one.


This name has been chosen by Ezio to celebrate the return of his daughter Federica, after she lived 10 years abroad.

papaà che disegna.jpg
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